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Former Member
May 25, 2012 at 09:58 AM

Structural/Context Auth Issue RPTQTA10/RPLABSG0_ABSENCE_OVERVIEW IT2006


We have a requirement for MSS users to see IT0000, IT0001 and IT0002 data for all users in the Org structure only for the purposes of Employee Change Requests and in the future for Performance Management/Appraisals functionality.

We have set up context specific authorisations. Within our MSS role we have separate instances of P_ORGINCON.

Users are restricted to seeing only their own part of the organisational structure for all other infotypes with a MSS structural profile in one instance P_ORGINCON.

In a separate instance of P_ORGINCON in the MSS role users have access to IT0000, IT0001 and IT0002 with a structural profile giving unrestricted access to object types O, S and P.

This works for all reports except for RPLABSG0_ABSENCE_OVERVIEW(Absence Overview) and RPTQTA10(Absence Quota Information) which returns IT2006(Absence Quotas) for all users.

We do not have auth object P_ABAP in the role.

The context auth switch is set correctly.