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May 24, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Actual Cost Component Split - Cross Company / Material Ledger


Hi ML Friends.

We want to know what functionality we need to activate in order map ACTUAL CCS travel from Sender Plant (production / company 1 ) to Receiver Plant(distribution, company 2) in a cross company sales. In our bussiness scenario, in the Tranfer.Order we have a Condition "FREIGHT". We want to map Margin and Freight in a cost component in receiver plant.

Margin = [Condition "Price"] - [Cost in sender plant]. We want COST at the end of ML Period EndClosing.

Freight = Condition in the STO

Also, we want to show in receiver plant the ACTUAL CCS of the sender plant (Material Cost, Labor, OverHead, Depreciation, ) => This is a must, we dont want to see the sturctre as material costs.

Our idea is to do consolidation just eliminating the internal margins. We wish dont need to activate group valuation, but I review all the documentation available and have a question about what functionality i have to activate:

+ Multiple Valuation => Group Costing?

+ Partner cost component split ?

+ Bussines Function LOG_MM_SIT ?

I check another post from Udo Werner, that explain MultipleValuation/ Group Costing / Profit Center Costing are NOT necesary to map the scenario, but im not sure if this handle all of our requirements (like have the actual ccs detailed in the receiver plant) Post:

He also said its a good idea activate group valuation.

Ps1: We are now in EHP4, so upgrade to EHP5 and activate LOG_MM_SIT is quite complex for us., but need to know this is a must to accomplish our requirement.

PS2: Crate a program that call CKCMMM is impossible beceuse we have a lot of complexity in our system (old post )

Ps3: Some ppl say with Partner Cost Component Split, we can face our issue but not complete sure abut it. In our dev SYS, y dont want to activate Multiple valuations because all the problem could happen if we decide to deactivate the functionality.

PS3: I read the attached info related,

MM, Stock in Transit and Actual Costing - SAP Documentation /

Cross-Company Code Stock Transfer Processes (Help Online)

thanks a lot for your time!


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