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May 24, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Error with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2008 Runtime and Windows 7 x64


Hi all,

I am currently estimating whether my company hand-crafted software is compatible with Windows 7 64 bits or not. The application was built with Visual Studio 2008, and initialy targeted to run under 32 bits OSes, .NET Framework 2.0 and Crystal Reports 10.5 runtime so far.

I was about to certify this compliancy when I discovered a problem with embedded barcodes in reports (using Azalea Software's user function library u2lbcode.dll with Barcode128A method), raising the worlwide well-known exception "UFL 'u2lbcode.dll' that implements this function is missing".

I'm figuring this issue is related to the folder where the library file is placed, that might be wrong. I already had the same problem with former versions, when migrating from Windows 2000 to Windows XP and .NET Framework 1.0 -> 2.0+ and fixed it by locating the u2lbcode.dll in the %system32% folder, rather than 'bin' folder. But it looks like I'm done with that trick. Welcome to x64 world! :/

I browsed the net and documentation, found nothing valuable but the fact that CR for VS2010 is compatible with 64 bits OSes. Does it mean reversely that CR for VS2008 is not?!! Nothing refers to that possibility. Nor any updated documentation from former Business Object or Azalea's, spelling library file location requirements per OS/.NET Framework (last one was up to Windows XP...).

Upgrading the whole application to .NET Framework 4 and Crystal Reports for VS2010 is not a point. Definetly.

Does anyone have some precious idea/tricky workaround/knowledge on the subject that could make my cogs work forward again?

HUGE thanks in advance, cause this may cancel my company project of upgrading to Windows 7 x64 (VMs are not a point too).