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May 23, 2012 at 10:37 AM

Need to Create Z-Report PF Uploading


Hi.. Experts,

I need your help for create one Z-reports PF online uploading format as per PF
office released format, so please give your suggestion/suport as per below

1) PF No Wages EPF_EE EE Refund NCP Days DOL RFLWages Arr EE Arr ER Arr EPS Arr. (As per PF Office Format)

2) IT-0587 IT-0008 WT-/3F1 WT-/553 IT-2001 IT-000 IT-000 WT-/ZF5 WT-Z/F5 WT-/ZF5 WT-ZFC. (Devp in System)

So this against developed above 2nd line in system but correctly not showing output,
so please clear my problem how i can assign & which IT & WT add in the
above said line. If any different solution will be inform/suggest i will
fallow-up that.

Thanks in advance.

Satish L.