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May 23, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Modify Enhanced Material Search for Storage Location(VA02)


Hi Experts,

I am a bit new to Search Engine Technology in SAP.I stumbled upon it while working on one of my requirements.

I need to filter out records from VA02 transaction(Enhanced material search) based on Storage Location. When I dug deeper I realized that Enhanced Material search is picking up records from TREX Engine.

Now, I have done the following steps

  1. Add additional attribute(i.e. Storage Location - LGORT) to TREX engine and use Method 'GET_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES' (Class WSD_ERP_SE_BUS1001006)
  2. Ran full scan for TREX( Report - COM_SE_DISPATCHER).

However, even after these steps I am not getting Storage Location in Enhance Material Search.

Please advice if I am missing something here.