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Jun 13, 2005 at 07:22 AM

Delta Update!!!!



I need some clarification on Delta Update.

Supposo in R/3,I have created an order with the following detials..

Doc No Quantity Price Revenue

10001 200 20

and I uploaded the data into BW(Infocube/ODS)(Revenue is calculated in the transfer rules using a formula.

Again I want to <b>ADD</b> a quantity of 100 to the present quantity and even want to change the price from 20 to 30 for this 100..

Doc No Quantity Price Revenue

10001 100 30

Now how does the second record gets uploaded into BW(infocube/ODS) and on what factors does the updation depends?

Even I heard a concept called "Calculation Before Aggregation" , how does it helps in the calculation of Revenue as the price and quantity are different in both the records..