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Upgrading from ERP 6.0 SR3 (Business Suite 2005) to EHP8.

I've been trying to upgrade a very old SAP ERP server to the latest version, however i am encountering all kinds of problems while going through the managed systems configuration in the Solman specially during the RFC connections phase. Right now when i try to execute the automated RFC creation step on solman for my old system i get the following errors:

SAP Service Delivery is active , a BACK RFC connection is needed (that is while trying to create the back rfc).


- Latest ST-PI 2008_* SP 10 plug-in required for managed system.

- RFC Error: Function module "/SDF/SCUST_GEN_R3_DEST" not found.

Now the wording confused me so i wasn't sure if it needed the ST-PI component on the solman itself or the managed system so i ensuredthat the required version is up on solman however it's ST-PI 2005 on the managed system and when i try to apply the delta upgrade for 2008 i get the following error:

- "Internal error no pat07 entries for SAPKBB9A" when i looked up SAPKBB9A in the market place it turns out to be the name of the PI-Basis 2005 component which is already installed on the managed system.

If it's any help the Solman is 7.1 SP14, the managed system is ERP 6.0 SR3.

Any clarification or help is much appreciated.

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  • Ashraf Sharaf Alejandro Jimenez

    Yes before the sum upgrade, in my case the sum couldn't properly upgrade without ST-PI 2008.

  • After several weeks, I realized that my SAP ERP system was a pre-SAP ERP 2005 version.
    I have SAP ECC 5.0 installed with NW 6.40, which is not compatible with SAP SUM. So I'm going to update to SAP ERP 2005 first, and then use SAP SUM to take it to a more modern version.

    Thanks for all the help!

  • If this has been answered could you possibly share a solution and close the question? Please see this blog.

    Thank you.

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