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May 22, 2012 at 09:18 PM

BDC Recording Issue in Background



I did BDC recording of cost center report S_ALR_87013633 (cost center Actual/variance report). The reason for this recording is to be able to schedule it as a background job to run every month in which it will generate emails and send it to employees in reference to their cost center number.

I created a Z table with the cost centers and email address.

In this program, I changed the hard coded parameters with the field from the Z table which I call into an internal table. So I looped through this internal table and changed the hardcorded parameters (from the recording) to the fields of the internal table.

When I ran this program in foreground, it worked well, going through all the screens and sending the emails out.

When I schedule it to run in background, nothing happens. I tried it from the program it self using CALL TRANSACTION with background mode and even used the SESSION mode but nothing happens. I got this message.

CALL_TRANSACTION S_ALR_87013633 Return code = 1,001 RECORD: 0

S No batch input data for screen SAPLGRWOS 0100

I know there are some recording needs to be adjusted in other to run them in background. I've searched a lot of forums but couldn't get any answers.

Please help.


Attached is a copy of the program.