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Former Member
May 22, 2012 at 07:05 PM

Hide payment methods when updating vendors


We are doing a new implementation and there are quite a few payment methods that we are not going to use.

My questions are the following:

1. Is there a way to "hide" the ones we are not using so they don't display when doing a lookup to add it to a vendor or vendor invoice.

2. I know you can do a personal list on the vendor invoice screen. Is there a similar personal list functionality when doing the looking on the vendor?

3. Is there a "global" personal list that can be defined.

4. When doing a lookup of payment methods on the vendor, even though it is on the co code record, it does not use the valid payment methods for a co code or country defined on the FBZP Tcode. Is there configuration that will have use those lists?

Thank you