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May 22, 2012 at 03:39 PM

EDI: creating a sales order with reference to contract (Again)


Hello Everybody,

yes, i did search and found several identical and answered questions: : Answer was a hint to note 526710.

But i can't reproduce the Functionality described in the note.

Only he most simple case is tested now:

The Contract, has one position and is provided, with or without Position number in Header and or Position. All combinations are tried:

What works:

Given E1edk02 043 : Copying all positions of the contract with open amount .

What does not work:

Changing any position by providing Quantities in E1edp01 and Reference in e1edp02 043. -> If the k02 is provided the p01--Segment wil be added instead of chaning the amount.

Providing a reference in e1edp02 043 only -> Positions keeps one without a Reference to contract and open amount is not changed ..

In IDOC_INBOUND_ORDERS xvbap-contk and contk_ponsr are set properly, also, if we only provide e1edp02 Segment, but still does not work.

Thank you very much for any helpful answers,


Message was edited by: Author Problem has been in a special material-Number handling combined with a badly implemented User-Exit to "FIX" the Material-Number Problem which erased the Contract-rerefence. (Without exit: Material-Number problem led to wrong positioning in BI of IDOC_INPUT.. )