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May 22, 2012 at 01:10 PM

Reference Condition type



I am working on a contract and when I am trying to search where from the ZDFC condition type is getting the records such as 188.29 in VK12, the message pops up saying:

The cond.type has a reference cond.type - Enter records for cond.type ZDFC

Message no. VK238


For condition type ZDFC, a reference condition type ZDFC exists in application M.

System Response

Therefore, it is not necessary to create condition records for condition type ZDFC.


The system uses condition records that have been created for the reference condition type. If you need a new condition record, you must create it for reference condition type ZDFC.


Now my question is where to see condition records for ZDFC ( a normal contract type )because in item condition the price is determined as 188.20 but in actual it should be 192.24.

So where should I check the condition records ??