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May 22, 2012 at 01:31 PM

Code merge in two NWDI tracks


Hello experts,

We have 2 NWDI servers:

Production landscape - used for defect fixes in production code. This has development track - DEV1

Project landscape - used for developing new enhancements. This has development track - DEV2

Both had the same code when we went live into production.

Every week we Assemble the code in DEV1 track (which contains defect fixes) and manually copy the SCA files into DEV2 track and check it in. We do this so that the latest defect fixes are available in Project landscape (DEV2 track) as well.

This is especially a problem in the below scenario:

1. I complete an enhancement in file in DEV2 track. So I checkin my changes and deploy it in QA Portal for testing.

2. In the meanwhile, another developer fixes a defect in file in DEV1 track.

3. As part of weekly drop I mentioned earlier, the defect fix from DEV1 track comes and overwrites my enhancement code and I lose the enhancement that was earlier deployed to QA Portal for testing.

How do we make sure that the defect fixes we do in DEV1 track doesn't overwrite the enhancements we do in DEV2 track?