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May 22, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Table maintenance and OBJH



we have a database table ZZVALLEYT that we need a maintenance view for. We created a table maintenance dialog for the
same in development system (DS3) and transported to the quality system (PP3) where its working fine. The problem is that
when the same is transported to the production system (PS3) it throws an error stating
"Check maintenance object ZZVALLEYT or update function group ZZVALLEYT".

Steps performed by us to check the issue

1. The transports of the function group and the table definition are in sync in PP3(pre-prod) and PS3(prod).
2. An entry exists in table TVDIR for the maintenance view ZZVALLEYT.

While debugging we found that the error is thrown because there is no entry for table ZZvVALLEYT in table 'OBJH'
in the production system while there is a corresponding entry in the dev and the pre-production system.

Thanks and Regards

Sameer Ahmed