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May 22, 2012 at 08:21 AM

CAF implementation


Hi All,

This is regarding creating a CAF DC. I am not sure whether am posting in the right forum. I need to generate BPM workflow ID using this CAF DC. My requirement is :

I have created a business object called RequestNumber is node modeled. Under Structure, an attribute say number of type string is created.

In node modeled, an application service named RequestNumberService is also created. Within this service, an operation named getNextNumber of the type string is created without an input parameter and with an output parameter.

The operation getNextNumber must be implemented as follows:

- Request the number of instances of RequestNumber

- If there is no instance, a new one is created

- If there is one (or more) instance(s), the first one is loaded

- The value of the attribute number is increased by 1 and the instance is saved


I have no knowledge about this CAF. Pls help me to implement the above. I need to expose the above as a webservice to import in webdynpro application.