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May 22, 2012 at 07:36 AM

Equipment Relocation and Consumption Mapping


Dear sir,

We have External Number range for Monthly consumption Order (MCO) within company.

The MCO Stands for whole month.Once we allot a perticular number to MCO it stands from 1st date of month till last for perticular Planning Plant for perticular Equipment.

Now if i move Equipment to another planning plant( say on 20th of month).so for next 10 days i am unable to map monthly consumption on equipment for another plant because system wont allow me to create MCO for same equipment bt for different planning plant with same external number.


MCO for Month May is P1TOC0010512( Format as--Equipment id_Month_Year)

For Planning Plant say 4000

Duration-01may to 20 may

Now If i move Equipment to other Planning Plant say 5000

Duration-21may to 31May.

Bt here with same external number(P1TOC0010512) i am unable to map Monthly consumption for same Equipment. Our format is as such that we can have one MCO for month for perticular equipment.. Suggest solution If any. Thanks Regards, Ajinkya M