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Former Member
Jun 10, 2005 at 10:29 PM

EP6 NW04 login problem



After the installation of EP6 SP9 on WEB AS 640, I notice the following behaviour in the EP6 login screen :

Case 1 : Login as user "Administrator"

After entering user id "Administrator" and the correct password, the login screen is re-displayed with no error message. When I re-enter the user id "Administrator" and password the 2nd time, it finally login. This happens consistently everytime I login as user "Administrator".

Case 2 : Login as user id other than "Administrator"

When a new user login using an initial password, it first prompts for change of password (which is correct). After user enter the old and new password, the login page comes back without logging in. If user continue to enter the user id and the new password, the initial login screen is displayed again. This keeps looping and no successful login is possible.

Any idea on how to resolve this ? Appreciate your help !!