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UCES : Self Registration Error


I have UCES application on J2EE i.e. WAS & ISU is in R/3.
I have done all known configuration to make it work.

If I create an user in UME where UCES application deployed &
try to access application it gives an error i.e. "Your user master has not been created correctly. Contact your system administrator"
though needful data is entered in 'Customized Information'.

But If I create user in R/3 & make entry in USAPPLREF table.
I can access the application for the same user.
It doesn't matter whether I have provided data in UME or not.

A) So, is it always needful to make entry in USAPPLREF to access application?
B) If not, the just by UME configurations it should work?
c) If yes, then anything I am missing?

   Also please let me know, on self registration screen itself,
D) can new user do registration by providing Business partner & contract account in standard registration process?
E) or will it require custom application?



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2 Answers

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    May 20, 2012 at 11:27 AM


    this all depends on how you run your UME

    1) Scenario ABAP Backend: Your users are actually managed within the SAP ABAP system, then UME is basically just wrapper interface to such system. Your references to the business partners are also managed with the ABAP backend.

    2) Scenario UME: Your users are managed within the UME itself and the references to the business partner are also stored there as attributes

    In your case you obviously have used the UME as ABAP system behind, so you always have to create the references on the SU01 user. If no reference exist, you always would get the error message.

    To your question D). I always ued my own registration process as it contains some design issues, but as I know there is some kind of partner determination process somewhere and the registration does not have any inputs consider to provide the partner number or contract.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Andreas,

      If UME is ABAP then I think

      a) User needs to create in ABAP UME as well as in J2EE UME
      b) We have to assign Business partner to user in ABAP

      In this case do we need to create same user ID in ABAP & J2EE UME?
      or there is any other way? Because web user should have liberty to
      select the username.Then in this case how the web user & user created in ABAP
      sync up?

      In response to your answer to question D) If Business partner determination doesn't happen through the registration,will you please tell where it happen  ?



  • May 28, 2012 at 06:51 AM


    Hi sorry today only I saw your doubt.

    By seeing your error its a configuration error in ABAP side.

    If you are using UCES 6.04, you have to follow few additional settings which mentioned in SAP document.

    about the registration part you have to check the respective FM ( you can get the details from Functional mapping)

    By going through that u will get idea about what all you need to give from java side.

    To run that FM, the user(communication user) need to have few autharisation.

    For that u have to check document for Configuration guide 6.04. There few table entry etc.. is there.

    One time I have got the same error which you posted. That time i solved with those document.

    This is purely Autharidsation object and Configuration of FICA only.

    I dont know you solved this of still waiting... let me know if you need any help

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    • Hi Vishal,

      You are thinking in wrong way.

      I will explain you few basic things.

      The first thing you have to keep in mind is for every user there will be some user license.

      The user in ABAP is costly than user in Java UME.This will raise in the last phase.

      second UCES has a synchronized user creation process. System will do that.

      80% of client will ask for maintaining JAVA uers. They will communicate to SAP system through pool and ref users(both have diff purpose).

      Some senarios are:

        UME may be ABAP or JAVA or LDAP ...(we are setting this in XCM)

        Some time there will be some senarios that, if user is registered admin has to approve and  some time client will ask for auto registration(for this need to make Z of user creation FM)

      For approval process we need to do the settings for ISR senario. etc.....

      In user registration we are giving BP number so automatically it will link to user. no need of manual linking.

      ( If I create same user in R/3 & in Java UME, it works fine) ---- this is wrong.

      How you assume this? How can you allow end user this? In UCES there will be inside module which will handle this. Those things are not working for you. Which means your few settings are wrong.

      Can you show the XCM configuration of your application. need to check that.

      Also can you explain the flow of what exactly you did. Now i have doubt that from your side also there is some wrong configuration. It also may cause this kind of issue.

      If you have not followed any document for doing configuration, it may lead to wrong data.

      Still if you want to clear your doubts make it as questions(try to make it clear).So that i can get your questions in properway.