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May 19, 2012 at 06:43 AM

installation of BI content dashboards



I am using SAP BI 7.3 with latest service pack and latest SAP BI contents.

The "dashboards" are delivered along with SAP BI content in SAP BI 7.3.

Now my users wants to see the standard dashboards and i need to install them.

All of the dashboards seems to be dependent on SAP Bex queries only.

I have checked via RSA1---> dashboard---->data flow before

1. Has anyone installed BI content dashboards? if so what are the precautions to be taken? Please suggest.

2. Also in case of dashboards using BEX queries. For the access to BEX queries, you need have a connection to BI system maintained in the CMC. I am having the connection maintained.

3. First we need to publish the dashboard to SAP BEx and launch them via the portal. I think this is mandatory step and should be done if we want to see the dashboards via BI portal. Then We need to publish them to repository via BI launch pad, so that user can login via launchpad and then access those dashboards, am i right?

4. Do we require BI Java to work with Dashboards? Is it mandatory to install BI Java?

Please let me know if my understanding is right and guide me gurus.