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May 18, 2012 at 07:25 AM

movement type 311 ISSUE


Dear All,

When business user doing stock transfer between storage locations within the plant by using movement type 311 t code MB1B, system is not considering the confirmed sales order quantities or confirmed deliveries(before PGI) , because of this while creating deliveries or while doing PGI it is effecting. Please let me how to include confirmed qualities while doing stock transfer with movement type 311.

For Example 123 is plant ABC and XYZ are the storage locations. Total stock 1000 for material 4568 in ABC location, out of which 500 got confirmed for one sales order and if user tries to do stock transfer between ABC to XYZ location for quantity 1000 system is allowing, which business is not accepting.

How to restrict the same

Thanks in advance,


Nagesh N