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Former Member
May 17, 2012 at 03:05 PM

FI-GL "New" extractors (3FI_GL_xx_TT) activation


Hello Experts,

I have experience on BW side, but not specifically with FI-GL matters; I'm trying to enable "FI-GL new" extractors (known as 3FI_GL_xx_TT, where xx varies according the tables involved) to grab data into BW. I was researching and found some links:

  1. --> "General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) (New)" model
  2.> "New GL Activation" comments and steps (by looking into I started thinking that it could be a functional team's activity)
  3.> "Activating General Ledger Accounting"

Ok, now, I've followed the steps mentioned on the 1. & 3. items above, and was finally able to generate 3FI_GL_0L_TT successfully (now I see it in RSA6 and could generate test extraction on RSA3), but when tried to figure out how to activate 3FI_GL_LP_TT I didn't found a way to do that, based on the idea that activation should be performed in a similar way (I can't see it available in the RSA6/RSA3 available despite I've performed suggested steps); I've tried different steps having no success.

Could you please advice on how to activate 3FI_GL_LP_TT data source?

Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards,