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Error while editing acitivty derivation strategy


        In AVC...While editing derivation strategy for activity group , when i press rules value i get Run time error as mentioned under

Runtime Errors     LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUNDExcept.            CX_SY_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUNDDate and Time      15.05.2012 12:44:11

Short text

Program "RFMATGRPRD6990011 " not found.

What happened?

There are several possibilities:

Error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program "SAPMABADR" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed. or Error in the SAP kernel.

The current ABAP "SAPMABADR" program had to be terminated because the ABAP processor detected an internal system error.

Error analysis

An exception occurred that is explained in detail below. The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND', was not  caught in procedure "RULE--_READ" "(FORM)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING clause. Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the exception would occur, the current program is terminated. The reason for the exception is:

On account of a branch in the program

(CALL FUNCTION/DIALOG, external PERFORM, SUBMIT)or a transaction call, another ABAP/4 programis to be loaded, namely "RFMATGRPRD6990011 ".

However, program "RFMATGRPRD6990011 " does not exist in the library.

Possible reasons:a) Wrong program name specified in an external PERFORM or   SUBMIT or, when defining a new transaction, a new   dialog module or a new function module.b) Transport error

Missing RAISING Clause in Interface

Program                             SAPMABADRInclude                             MABADRFENTRIESRow                                 67Module type                         (FORM)Module Name                         RULE  _READ

Trigger Location of Exception

Program                             SAPMABADRInclude                             MABADRFENTRIESRow                                 79Module type                         (FORM)Module Name                         RULE  _READ

Line  SourceCde

   49       PERFORM name--is_combined USING target-field-name

   50                                       is_combined_field.

   51       IF is_combined_field IS INITIAL.

   52         CLEAR e_rule-no_combined_fields.

   53         EXIT.

   54       ENDIF.

   55     ENDLOOP.

   56   ENDIF.


   58   PERFORM rule--_read USING e_rule e_failed.


   60 ENDFORM.                    "rule--create


   62 *---------------------------------------------------------------------*

   63 *       FORM rule--read                                               *

   64 *---------------------------------------------------------------------*

   65 *       ........                                                      *

   66 *---------------------------------------------------------------------*

   67 FORM rule--_read USING e_rule TYPE t_rule

   68                       e_failed TYPE t_flag.


   70   DATA:

   71     l_sav_version_active TYPE t_flag,

   72     l_request_handled    TYPE t_flag.


   74   FIELD-SYMBOLS: <entry> TYPE t_rule_entry.


  76   PERFORM read_all_of_table IN PROGRAM (e_rule-progname)

  77                                        USING e_failed

  78                                              e_rule-tab_entries.

>>>>   CHECK e_failed IS INITIAL.

  80   LOOP AT e_rule-tab_entries ASSIGNING <entry>.

  81     PERFORM rule--_new_id USING e_rule <entry>-id.

  82 *   If version management active, entry stated as original

  83     PERFORM exit--check_guid_version_act

  84                 USING

  85                    global-callback_report

  86                    l_sav_version_active

  87                    l_request_handled.


  89     IF l_sav_version_active IS NOT INITIAL.

  90       APPEND <entry>-id TO e_rule-tab_ids_original.

  91     ENDIF.


  93   ENDLOOP.

  94   e_rule-id_old_max = e_rule-id_counter.

  95   CLEAR e_rule-rule_has_changed.

  96   DESCRIBE TABLE e_rule-tab_entries LINES e_rule-count_entries.


  98   PERFORM rule--_determine_default_date USING e_rule e_failed.

Please guide me to resolve this issue and also tell why this error appeared ?


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1 Answer

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    May 15, 2012 at 08:07 AM


    Try going to the derivation strategy (FMAVCDERIACTG), Menu - Extras - Regeneration and check if the issue is solved.



    P.S. Why would you need to change a strategy for activity group? Just testing or real business scenario?

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