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Jun 09, 2005 at 02:27 PM

ICI development (SOAP, web services, contact center)


Hello all, I have been developing an ICI (Integrated Communications Interface) web service for our contact center using ICI Interface Specification v 3.00 Date: 11/15/2002. I wonder if there is any newer document available, and if there is a forum/web site for more information about this matter?

I have already implemented mostly working interfaces for IciSystem, IcuUser, IciEvent, IciContainer, IciItem, IciPhoneLine, IciPhoneCall, IciFolder and IciMessage. The problem is that the document does not tell everything, some things have to tried (in brute force) until it works, like the correct messageId format.

Another problem is that the IC WebClient seems to hang very frequently, it takes an hour or so until it works again. I get JavaScript errors when I view an e-mail. Also it does not work with newer Java 1.5 but only with Java 1.4.2.

Also I have not found the XML schemas mentioned in the end of the document: MonitoringCatalog.xsd etc.

Thanks, Harri