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May 14, 2012 at 02:56 PM

Printing of DMS documents (attachments of PO) when PO is printed


Hello All,

Below is the functionality that we are trying to acheive : -

1) We have the facility to provide attachments at the PO item level.

2) These attachments are the DMS documents which are created in transaction CV01N.

3) Requirement is, whenever PO form is printed through messsage type automatically all the attachments (in the line item of PO) must also get printed.

We have investigated and identified the following issues until now: -

1) Printing of DMS documents involves frontend printing (i.e. SAP spool is not generated, its normal printing ). Is there a way to print this DMS document to Spool rather than using frontend printing ?

2) We can access the DMS documents data in Binary/xstring format but there is no way with which we can stream this binary/xstring data to spool ?

3) Whenever we try to print the attachments using frontend printing, incase of PDF files the file just opens and it is not printed automatically. Is there a way to print this PDF's automatically without opening it using frontend printing ?.

4) A temporary copy of the originals in the DMS documents is created in the local directory C:\tmp\. Is there a way (apart from manual way) to delete these temporary copies automatically once they are printed ?

Any help on the above issues will really help.

Thanks & Regards,

Rinkesh Doshi