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Jun 09, 2005 at 12:43 PM

Connection test to SAP R3 system failed.


Iam trying to make an iview in visual composer which will connect to a dedicated R3 SAP system at the backend but I am facing problem during the testing of the connection in the portal . I navigate as follows...

System administration > system configuration > system landscape

Then i untre the portal content , find my folder and then find the system defined inside that folder and then from the context menu (The menu that comes after right clicking ) of that system i choose "connection tests" . This opens up the connection test options on the right hand side of the portal . Among the given options I choose the option which says

"Connection test for connectors" .I press the button test and I get the following error .


Test Connection with Connector - Jan 1, 1970 3:41:50 PM

Test Details:

The test consists of the following steps:

1. Retrieve the default alias of the system

2. Check the connection to the backend application using the connector defined in this system object


Retrieval of default alias successful

Connection failed. Make sure user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct.


I think I am successful at the user mapping but I might have made mistakes while defining the connection properties .The following are the properties defined by me for the connection .

Category: User Management

User mapping type : admin,user

User mapping fields : Client;Language


Category: Connection

Validate Connection : No

Category: Connector

Application Host (ashost) : (Ip of the machine where the SAP R3 system is)

Gateway Host : To find this out i go to the R3 machine , open the command line window and do ipconfig. It gives me a parameter "default gateway" . I entered the same ip here .

Gateway Service : LEFT BLANK

Logical System Name : R25(Logical SAP system name)

Remote Host Type : 3

SAP Client : 800

System ID (SID) : R25

SAP System Number (sysnr):00

Server Port: 3600

SNC Mode: 0

System Type : SAP_R3

Category: Show all

connectionFactoryClass : How do i find this ? The doc at the help section of SAP says

(The name of the connector class; the connector to which the template is connected

Mandatory when working with a connector)

ComponentType : How do i find this ? The doc at the help section of SAP says

(Defines the type of the component; for example, when importing components, the search could be based on this property

Mandatory, exists for each system)

Now i need to know if the values that i supplied are correct ?

Against some of the values I have put a question where i need some help to find them out .

Also please let me know if there are some areas where I need to take care to establish the connection and test it successfully.

In anticipation of a prompt reply ...


Deexpak Singh