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May 14, 2012 at 07:01 AM

How do I capture error/information messages and Output of a report using SUMBIT statement, when called in a function module


Hi All,

I need to convert an existing report into a Function Module, so that that function module can be called any where.And I want to do this via SUMBIT statement.

I am able to call report without selection screen & Report output. But I still get Pop-Up Information Messages when I call the function Module.

I need to capture Report output along with Error/Information messages written in that report program via SUBMIT statement. How do i get this.

Current program is like this

SUBMIT zyrotc_lineitem_split_salorder TO SAP-SPOOL AND RETURN

WITH p_order EQ p_vbeln

WITH p_posnr EQ p_posnr

WITH p_qty EQ p_kwmeng

WITH p_rad1 EQ p_reject

WITH p_rad2 EQ p_splitonly

SPOOL PARAMETERS wl_print_parameters


This SUBMIT statement is called in my new function module, but I also need to get report output in some parameters, and also message thrown in the report.

Thank You

Harshit Raj Jamalpur