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Jun 09, 2005 at 11:15 AM

Problems with Indexing and Classification


hi KM Gurus,

We faced some problems in Indexing and Taxonomies for which I would like to know the solution/reason.

(1) We tried providing query based classification in which the query condition which is based on the "Content" alone worked for us. Whenever we tried specifying conditions based on "file extension" or "title", it didn't work out. Did that work for anybody else?

(2) Also we are not able to get any proper info about the various options that are available while creating a query based classification. For example, there are two options like "title" and "string title". But we donno the difference b/n the two. If it works out we can find the difference. But it is not working too. So we are not able to find the difference between the two.

(3) And I tried setting the crawler parameter of my own instead of the standard crawler. But the index was found to be inactive when i set that to my crawler and it worked fine with the standard crawler. I am not able to make it active. Any clues behind this?

Expect all your guidance and help.

best regds,