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Jun 09, 2005 at 11:12 AM

V1,V2,V3 updates


Hi Guru's

As for as I know,

<u>V1 Update:</u> when ever we create a transaction in R/3(e.g.,Sales Order) then the entries get into the R/3 Tables(VBAK,VBAP..) and this takes place in V1 Update.

<u>V2 Update:</u> V2 Update starts a few seconds after V1 Update and in this update the values get into Statistical Tables, from where we do the extraction into BW.

<u>V3 Update:</u> Its purely for BW extraction.

But in the Document below, V1, V2 and V3 are defined in a different way. Can You please explain me in detial what exactly V1, V2 and V3 updates means?

What are statistical update and document update?

<u>Synchronous Updating (V1 Update)</u>

The statistics update is made synchronously with the document update.

While updating, if problems that result in the termination of the

statistics update occur, the original documents are NOT saved. The cause

of the termination should be investigated and the problem solved.

Subsequently, the documents can be entered again.

<u>Radio button: V2 updating</u>

Asynchronous Updating (V2 Update)

With this update type, the document update is made separately from the

statistics update. A termination of the statistics update has NO

influence on the document update (see V1 Update).

<u>Radio button: Updating in U3 update program</u>

Asynchronous Updating (V3 Update)

With this update type, updating is made separately from the document

update. The difference between this update type and the V2 Update lies,

however, with the time schedule. If the V3 update is active, then the

update can be executed at a later time.

In contrast to V1 and V2 Updates, no single documents are updated. The

V3 update is, therefore, also described as a collective update.