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May 11, 2012 at 05:52 AM

creating a date range title - trying to avoid #multivalue


I have an object below which is used in a prompt in order to only select the date and disregard the time.

The problem is in the webi report I want to use the prompted value in a title to show the date range.

THe prompt is using between e.g. dateNotTime BETWEEN startDate AND endDate

currently cant use the userResponse in a title because its a #multivalue

when I add the object "Addcalldatetime_notTime" into a vertical table in webi (where the prompt date range was startDate = 1/4/2012 and endDate = 30/4/2012) I get the list of dates but I want to use this range in a title without getting #mulitvalue is there anyway to achieve this?

object: Addcalldatetime_notTime

Convert (datetime, Convert(VARCHAR, CallDateTime, 101) , 101)


Untitled.jpg (80.9 kB)