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Jun 09, 2005 at 06:43 AM

Work orders and updating user status (via IW32)


Hello All,

I was given a design to create a program that will retrieve all open work orders. The program needs to check on all the purchase orders for that work order to check if order quantity matches the received quantity and the invoice quantity. If it matches, I will do an IW32 to change the user status to 'AIP' (All Invoices Paid). If there are no invoices or purchase orders, I will again, do an IW32 to change the user status to 'AIP'.

And since this is my first time to work on a PM ticket, I'm not very familiar with the tables being used. I've tried looking for a list of PM tables. One table I got is AUFK (Order Master Data). I searched through the table and it has the fields for Sales Order Number (KDAUF) and Item Number (KDPOS). Is this the Purchase Order related to the work order? Also, is there a way I can see or verify it through a transaction? I tried looking into transaction IW33 but I couldn't find any Purchase Order Number there. Also, how do you know if a work order is open or not? Is there a field that indicates it?

I was thinking if there are any BAPI's I can use to change a work order's user status instead of doing a CALL TRANSACTION 'IW32'? I saw a function module, RFC_CHANGE_PM_ORDER, that does a remote function call to IW32 but this has dialogs. I'd appreciate any input.

Many thanks in advance! 😊