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May 10, 2012 at 07:58 PM

BI admin cockpit - server could not be contacted error


Hello Guys,

I'm looking for an answer to the following issue:

  1. I have activated BI admin cockpit in my BW system.
  2. Portal server address is:
  3. When I go in Portal to " System Administration -> Monitoring -> Business Intelligence -> Query Runtime -> Statistics " menu

I don't get graphs /data displayed but in all for sub-windows there is error " ... atbvpb1 server could not be contacted ..."

  1. I tried to re-open those reports from sub-windows in new separated window - the error message is the same but I see the full http patch to the server which is missing and this is: http://atbvpb1:8170/sap/bw/BEx
  2. I have tried to open in browser the same WAD templates using "Executing in Browser..." button in Web Application Designer and then I don't have any problem to see report with data. What I also saw the address to this report is different then, i.e. :
  3. So, the difference is in the full domain name. Instead of http://atbvpb1:8070............. there is

Question: Does somebody can give me some help in regards to where to look in portal or BW backend to configure this jump to another system with full domain path ?

Kind regards