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May 10, 2012 at 03:37 PM

Blocking of MRP


Hi Experts,

we have a requirement to block planning for 10 days.

The actual requirement is that there is a work center(F100) which is being used by maintenance team for 10 days,during which the planning should not happen for all the materials which are using this workcenter and in addition to this the finish date has to be reshedule to ahead of the planning period.

let me explain with an example,

Operation Work center

10 A100

20 F100

30 C100

Ind req/dep req date: 10.07.2012

MRP run is done with lead time scheduling.

After MRP run, planned order finish date: 05.08.2012 (Forward scheduling)

Now work center F100 is to be blocked from 20.07.2012 to 30.07.2012

After the MRP run, the planned order finish date should be 20.07.2012 instead of 05.08.2012 (as the blocking period is between 20.07 to 30.07)

How to map this requirement in SAP? Appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

Note : Factory calendar can be used, but as it affects other modules we have dropped this option.

Thank you

Adnan Waseem Shaik