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May 10, 2012 at 01:05 PM



Hello ABAP experts;

I made a report that suppose to update a field in a customized "Z" database table. However my code should not be good enough to make it for 200K datas. (Got this error on test system and I will have 3 or 4 millions of data 😔 )

My code is like this:

data: itab type table of zpp_20 with header line,
indx type i,
alort like zpp_20-alort.

data: lv_lgort type lgort_d.

data : begin of gt_mseg occurs 0,
lgort like mseg-lgort,
mblnr like mseg-mblnr,
mjahr like mseg-mjahr,
matnr like mseg-matnr,
werks like mseg-werks,
end of gt_mseg.

select-options: s_prtnr for zpp_20-prtnr,
s_mjahr for zpp_20-mjahr.

parameters p_werks like zpp_20-werks obligatory.


select zpp_20~belnr zpp_20~mjahr zpp_20~matnr
zpp_20~werks zpp_20~prtnr
from zpp_20 inner join blpk on
zpp_20~prtnr = blpk~prtnr
into corresponding fields of table itab
where zpp_20~prtnr in s_prtnr and
zpp_20~mjahr in s_mjahr and
zpp_20~werks eq p_werks and
zpp_20~alort = '' and
blpk~vaart = 'B'.

indx = 1.

select lgort mblnr mjahr matnr werks from mseg

into corresponding fields of table gt_mseg

for all entries in itab

where mblnr = itab-belnr

and mjahr = itab-mjahr
and matnr = itab-matnr
and werks = itab-werks
and ( bwart = '131' or bwart = '132' ).

"In this select I got TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY error
"There was not enough memory anymore and got that dump.
" Anyone know how can i alter this select or anything else?

loop at itab.

clear gt_mseg.
read table gt_mseg with key mblnr = itab-belnr
mjahr = itab-mjahr
matnr = itab-matnr
werks = itab-werks.

itab-alort = gt_mseg-lgort.
modify itab transporting alort.


modify zpp_20 from table itab.
commit work.

I need change this code slightly I guess in order not to get that memory error but I dont know how. Any help would be nice.

Thank you