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May 10, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Classification MD in APO without ECC connection


Hello All

We would like to use shelf life planning in APO without transferring
batch information from ECC.
We would like instead to use BAPI StockAPS.SaveMultiple to post stock
with batches and shelf life information directly into APO.
However, we have problems to create the required classification data
directly in APO. We can not send the batch classification class from
ECC, and hence we try to create the required classes directly in APO
with the required shelf life characteristics.
The special characteristics:
LOBM_APO_SL_MIN Min. shelf life/maturation in sec. NUM 15.3
LOBM_APO_SL_MAX Max. shelf life/maturation in sec. NUM 15.3
LOBM_APO_SL_UTC Reference time stamp of the batch NUM 15.0
LOBM_VERAB (Standard characteristic)
LOBM_VFDAT (Standard characteristic)
LOBM_HSDAT (Standard characteristic)
We can not create in APO with the same properties as required.
Also the class, which we assume we need of types 230, 232 and 400 does
not seem to work, as creating a class of type 400 is not possible
dirctly in the system.

Is there a report that we can execute in APO to generate the required
classification master data?