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May 10, 2012 at 04:33 AM

Integrating SAP ISU with GIS


Our objective is to link our ESRI GIS system with SAP.

In GIS we have following objects

  1. Building footprint (represents a building, villa or factory, etc)
  2. Service Point (represents end point of a utility connection -electricity/water).
  3. Meters (each Service Point is related to one or more Meters)

We want to integrate these with SAP. I could identify the followign equivalent objects in SAP

  1. Building footprint(GIS) -> ConnectionObject (SAP)
  2. Service Point (GIS) -> Connection (SAP)
  3. Meters (GIS) -> Devices (SAP)

Is the above mentioned mapping between SAP and GIS correct (especially for Service Point)?

In SAP Connection is created as an equipment.

How to relate this Connection to Connection Object and Devices?

We would also like to relate Connection to Substation Feeders (also equipment) for identifying customers connected to a feeder.