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May 10, 2012 at 04:09 AM

Process Chain failed in DTP step - Job cancelled after system exception -RSPROCESS



My process chain failed in DTP steps and I am not able to resolve it since I don't get information from the logs.

i have checked SM37 and the job gets cancelled with the following message

10.05.2012 07:00:32 Job started 00 516 S

10.05.2012 07:00:32 Step 001 started (program RSPROCESS, variant &0000000004078, user ID ALEREMOTE) 00 550 S

10.05.2012 07:00:32 Start process DTP_LOAD DTP_675YT55CGP8Y1HRCGHGYFX6J9 in run D9L6ZBL9R152XZ4IZ58T71B66 of chain RSPC 156 S

10.05.2012 07:00:33 An exception has occurred. RS_EXCEPTION 000 S

10.05.2012 07:00:33 Operation could not be carried out for RS_EXCEPTION 120 S

10.05.2012 07:00:33 Process did not report an instance -> no log RSPC 057 E

10.05.2012 07:00:33 Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE 00 564 A

I could not see any logs in ST22 and there is no log in SM21 either.

I have 7 process chains running and I am facing this issue in two of them.

How do I resolve it.

- Mudi