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Attachments in Fiori Elements using BOPF and SADL, Extending Fiori Element template applications.

Dear Experts, Devs,

I'm planning to implement a transactional Fiori App after we migrate to the latest NW version this month. The Fiori Element templates in combination with CDS annotations including ObjectModel to generate BOPF is a good choice. Covers almost our requirements. Unfortunately I still have two points open. How-to manage notes, and how-to manage attachments using the Fiori Element Smart Templates in combination with CDS and ObjectModel annotations.

Annotations: I did not find appropriate one to render a Feed or UploadCollection on the UI. The notes we can manage using the existing template features having a simple UI, but I'm stucked with the Attachments. Are there plans maybe to somehow bind the existing /BOFU/ATTACHMENT_FOLDER and /BOBF/TEXT_COLLECTION dependent objects having draft support, or have UI annotations for attachments so that we can store them in our custom tables? Because of this, at the moment it seems I still need to manually implement the UI5 application, but the good point I can use the smart controls, and Import the annotations from the backend generated from the CDS by SADL.

I was also checking the template features: Since the Fiori element templates are closed, no controller or view generated in WebIDE, I started to check the sap/suite/ui/generic/template/ObjectPage/extensionAPI/ExtensionAPI, where a method is provided to add a custom control attachToView. Maybe this could be used to add an UploadCollection. Here a new question comes up: If I add a new Control configuring the binding path, will the template save and manage the changes done by my Control written to the model and persist in the backend or not? Do I need in this case maybe attach our custom handlers using functions attach* of the Transaction Controller of the Fiori template: sap/suite/ui/generic/template/ObjectPage/extensionAPI/(Non)DraftTransactionController and sync manually (in case the attachment entityset is part of the OData model) ?

Any ideas or sharing experience welcome.

Thank you,

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    Feb 08, 2017 at 10:09 PM

    It seems possible using the new releases already, to extend Fiori Elements based Object Pages with custom sections and fragments:

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    • Hi Soumyadeep,

      thank you. I did not find information about that in documentation of 1.32 for earlier:

      Since then I did not check this section, because previously I found nothing about that in teh guidelines. When the new terminology Fiori Elements and CDS Views came into picture, I checked the documentation again, and I found the documentation available for everyone at The doumentation is good but there is a big delay in most of the cases unfortunately. I even found in the UI5 library lot of functions which work seemlessly, but nowhere documented. After several releases they can be found in the API description, however no change to the source code (due experimental nature whatsoever,just delay in teh documentation).

      It seems I need to check more frequently the dev guide about the changes, doing endless comparison, since the What's new section gives no information on that :(

      Best regards