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May 09, 2012 at 04:29 PM

Changing Development Configuration Pool error


Hi all,

I was working with an SLD for a Development Configuration Pool and it works perfect. Now I need to change this SLD to work with another developments. I went to Window -> Preferences -> Java Development Infraestructure -> Development Configuration Pool and replace de URL of the first SLD with the URL of the second SLD. After that I've clicked the Ping server button and get the message Ping was successful.

When I try to login to import a new configuration it tries to connect to the first SLD instead of connect using the SLD configured. I've also created a new client through the DTR perspective and still doing the same. I've attached some images with the screen shots.

I'm working with NWDS Version: 7.0.16, Build id: 200805301646.

Must I configure the SLD URL into another place? What am I missing?