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May 09, 2012 at 02:04 PM

HCM Process Forms access to 1-UP manager


Hi All,

Process: HCM Form will be initiated by a initiating manager then goes for 1-up approval (on 1-up's UWL) and then to HR.

Issue: 1-UP manager gets UWL task when submitted by initiating manager... Once he (1-UP) approves it, it will be invisible from his UWL (correct logic) but after this 1-UP can not access it from Process Overview Screen.

Manager (initiating manager) and HR can see Processess of any status any time. Manager can see only processes initiated by him (which is correct) and HR can see all processes (which is correct).

Question: How 1-UP can access process forms approved by him, as he is not initiating manager and not HR?

For Manager screen, in iView paramaters we are giving


For HR (inside HR admin role), in iView we are giving


Please help me out by replying correct BROWSER_CONTEXT or any other setting by which 1-UP manager can see all his approved Forms (including Forms he initiated) in Process Overview Screen.