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May 09, 2012 at 01:47 PM

Stop time evaluation


Dear experts.

On my time evaluation schema i have right in the beginning the call to a rule that checks the employee's molga, if not the one for the schema it will reject the employee using RJCT operation. Unfortunately this RJCT is causing us some issues, therefore i want to replace it by something else.

This is sthe main schema calling rule ZM19 where the check/rejection is made:

** ****** Before day processing ******** BINI Initialization MOD MODT GEN * Define groupings MOD Z0PT GEN Define groupings ACTIO ZM19 Check country EINI End of processing block ** ****** Day processing ******

ZM19 rule:

000010 D OUTWPMOLGA 000020 ** RJCT

000030 19

how can i change the main schema to stop the processing if the employee's molga is not '19'? No need to issue error to the clusters.

Thanks in advance