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May 09, 2012 at 11:51 AM

problem recording CL20N in LSMW and/or uploading data with object and batch input


hello all

I want to fill the characteristics of all our releases strategy class of type 032: I tried to create a LSMW and I incurred in several problems:

1) recording of CL20N is not possible: after entering the strategy group and code, the recording stops with the error DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND; I found out it is a probable bug in ECC6, since in 4.6C it worked fine and several people in this forum incurred in the same problem

2) I tried to use object 0130 with batch input but I get an error at the step "assign strategy to class" with OK-CODE /13,saying TMCLF-CLASS(2) is not an input field. the class exists already in fact and it is in fact a display only field: how can I avoid this step (if possible at all)?

3) lacking that, how can I fill the strategies (I have quite some) characteristics aside from the obvious manual way?

thank you