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Former Member
May 09, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Script Logic. Variables in Allocation to fix dimension property


Hello BPC Experts,

We are trying to execute the following allocation.

When we do the validate and save for the logic we get the following error:

Validation status of executable file: Failed - Invalid column name 'AUX_VRI'. in:select [ID] from mbrPRODUCTO where [REPARTOFIN]=AUX_VRI

In the dimension we have a member whit ID AUX_VRI.

It seems that there is problem in the where part when we pass a variable. It is possible to pass a variable to get the name of the property??





The idea that we have in mind is to copy the values that are stored in a member whose value is stored in the variable %AUX_REPARTO% into all the members that have the same value in the property [REPARTOFIN].

For instance we have the value 5 in the member ID PRODUCTA and we want to copy this value in the members PRODUCT1, PRODUCT2 and PRODUCT3 that have the following value for the property [REPARTOFIN]=PRODUCTA .

Is there any other workaround to do that??

Thanks in advance