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May 09, 2012 at 10:46 AM

FM for SELECT a entry and restrict for any changes



We require your help to SELECT a entry and restrict for any changes.

The scenario is as follows

This is on SAP BPS and it is on planning tool which is viewed in portal. The backend is BSP applications.

As below there are 3 entries where Status has D(Draft) and F(Final) as values in the object/table which is viwed in the portal

Status City Country Amount

D XX JJ 10

D YY PP 20

D NN QQ 30

The key figures are editable and characteristics are greyed out and not editable/not saved when it is edited.

We want to say change the characteristic value of Second line in the above from D to F and Save it.

As we do not have the option to save characteristics value, we had built used the functionality called REPOST. A button was created using Web interface builder in the portal and parameter is set as D to F in the BPS area. This works fine but the problem is when I want to change only the second line when I select the entry and hit repost button- ALL THE ENTRIES CHANGE from D to F.

There is an option in the BPS are where a exit function /FM can be inserted and button can be brought in the portal.

We require your help for FM/code to SELECT a entry and restrict for accessing the REPOST function.

Thanking you in advance.