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May 09, 2012 at 10:33 AM

Can we use UNION ALL in Crystal Reports?


Dear All,

I sometimes use UNION ALL in SQL Queries to join the results of 2 similar queries together.


SELECT ... etc

FROM ...


union all


FROM ...


I am writing a report in Crystal Report (for the 1st time),and incorporate SQL commands in

Crystal Reports.

I find that UNION ALL does not work.

Could anybody explain how I could do the equivalent of UNION ALL in Crystal Reports 2008 (ver

Best Regards,

Leon Lai



If I am not following the SCN rules strictly, please be forgiving and answer my question here all the same.

I am having a very bad time finding my way in this new web site.

It will take me some time to get accustomed.

I do not even know where to award points to the experts, so if I don't award points, this is not intentional.