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Jun 08, 2005 at 02:41 PM

Collect BPM - Start process and correlation in one Receiver


I'm using collect pattern based on timeout. Somehow in my infinite loop, in the receive step, I cannot combine "start process" with creating correlation and using it. All in the same receiver. When I try to activate my BPM, in the processing log I get, "start process" trigger removed.

Can someone throw any light on this....I've being trying this for over few hours now. I cannot get start process and correlation in one receiver. I must be doing something wrong.

Even the copied BPMCollectPattern removes the start process from the receiver.

thank you,


Additional info:

The first message received starts the process within an infinite loop and activates the correlation "Correlation" by using IDoc message tyoe. Each subsequent message uses this correlation. The messages are received in the container element CollectMessage.In the loop the received messages are attached to the multiline container element CollectMessageList.