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May 09, 2012 at 07:02 AM

copying a standard view of a component in Zview in same component


Dear all ,

I need to copy a view of Service Order the component is BT116IT_SRVO and View is GenericItem. I need to add Some additional fields in this.

I can enhance the component but the as aper the requirement I dont have to enhance that view but i need to create whole view having same fields as standard with addtional fields. So I need to create new View having same things as GenericItem View.

I created view by Wizard and gave its Model name and Bol entity same as standard ones.

Then I did binding. After that my context node class became standard.

So basically I need BT116IT_SRVO (Component) and GenericItem (View) to be copied in my custom view and in custom view i need to add my Z fields.

Step by step guidance will be appreciated!

P.S : Should I create a whole Z component and attach it to standard? which

way is better?