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May 08, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Regarding Cost Center Hierarchy update



We are using COSMAS IDoc to syndicate records from MDM and we had two additional requirements to meet which standard IDoc FM IDOC_INPUT_COSTCENTER cannot meet viz.

1. If the Cost center syndicated already exists in ECC then the change logs for the same should also be created/maintained

2. Syndicated Cost Center should also be updated in standard hierarchy(KSH3) under the corresponding Hierarhcy group.

We implemented requirement 2 above by using the standard report RKCORRH1 logic to udpate hierarhcy only for the cost centers which are syndicated through IDoc by calling report in IDoc enhancement and passing only IDoc Cost centers to get updated.

Later we identified that requirement1 can be updated if we capture the CC details for existing cost center and update ycsksb with these details and set update flag UPD_CSKSB with value 'U' when we implemented this in the IDoc enhancement the requirement1 started working as expected but with this the requirement2 stopped working and errors out "Overlapping intervals or identical values have occurred".

When I remove logic for requirement1 it again starts working and when i check for the details of error I see it as below



You have created or changed a set. The set contains a value more than once, although the set definition specifies that this is not allowed.

System response

The system does not allow you to create or change the set.


Either correct the set so that it does not contain any value more than once, or change your settings so that a value can occur more than once in the set (in other words, deselect the ambiguity check in the header screen for set maintenance).
If you cannot find the multiple occurrences of values in this set, first permit multiple occurrences of a value and save the set. You can then carry out an ambiguity check (by choosing "Utilities -> Ambiguity check") which will show you the values that occur more than once, together with their path.


I am not able to find the root cause which causes the sets to get created twice which is causing the error and how to overcome this, can anybody help me out with this ?