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May 08, 2012 at 11:16 AM

Error in Permanent deletion of Material Master.


While doing the deletion of Material master (As it is no more required)

These are the steps:

1. Flag material for deletion. transaction MM06
2. Run report MMREO001 - Selection of materials flagged for deletion and select the material
3. Run report MMREO050 Archive Materials to archive the material

after the ste No. 3, it gives the error message of all the documents open in the system, once you delete the open documents like PR, PO, RFQ etc the error message disappear.

In this process these error message is not getting deleted as these are master data in the standard tables MARC and MARD (as in the screen shot.)

Without deleting these enteries we can not move forward for archiving the material master.

help me in doing the same. How to do this, still trying.

last step is as below.

4. Run report MMREO110 Deletion Program for Archiving Materials to delete the material


sdn-archiving.jpg (126.5 kB)