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Data not saving with ditribted template BPC

Hello Experts,

I have a problem saving Data with a distributed template. The process is as next.

I have a static Report to plan payroll. I have On rows: Profit center, Cost center and worker ID by rows. and time and others dimension by comlumn.

Profit Center Cost Center Worker ID Local Memeber

The issue is the next.

We have the payroll by building, each building has its owns profit and cost center. The builiding depends on the user context selections, lets say buildings A, B and C. Profit and cost center have the next structure {Company Code}{building}{workerID}. The local member depends on a hidden cell that has EPMContexMember fórmula; sometimes the formula doesn't refresh when the the template is distributed and recolected so for example I save data with Building A Cost Centers in B building. I used the Clear Package to clean that information. When I try to send again the information from the distributed template with the cell already refreshed I got the message that there is no Data to SAVE. I don't understand why if i check the data with the template in sys, data is 0.

Any ideas how can I send data again from the same template?

Thanks for the posts.

Best regards.

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3 Answers

  • Dec 29, 2016 at 01:08 PM

    The template description is still not clear!

    Can only comment:

    "I clear the data that was saved wrong. Now I used this same template and send the info and says there is no data to save."

    This is due to cache is not updated in your scenario.

    Try to use VBA function: SaveWorksheetDataWithoutCache

    or for the whole workbook: SaveWorkbookDataWithoutCache

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  • Dec 28, 2016 at 06:12 PM

    Sorry, but absolutely not clear! You have to create step by step scenario to reproduce your issue!

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    • 1. I have a template in BPC. The dimensions are as the image (First 2 are Profit Ctr and Cost Ctr) 3rd is worker ID the Yellow column is a Local Member. (This local member makes reference to a hidden cell that has formula EPMContextMember).

      2. I Distribute the template. (Some cases the hidden formula doesn't get refreshed. People work in that template ant return it to the BPC User.

      3. BPC user upload information. Here is the issue. Information is uploaded with Building A Profit and Cost Center to Building B, because hidden cell with epmcontextmember didn't refresh.

      4. The cost center and the profit center has the attribute of BUilding so I cleaned the information using clean Packages ( the logic is when the Cost center BUilding attibute is different from the Building, the the record gets cleaned.

      5. I Upload the information from the excel that I receive in step 2, since is the excel that contains the information that was uploaded incorrectly.

      6. I refresh manually the cell that contains the epmcontext member, so the ceco and the builiding were correct. but in this step I get the error. There is no data to save. (NOTE: This is using the distributed Template).

      7. To check the information I open the original template in BPC and the data is different from the distributed. I don't understand why the distributed template doesn't let me save data if data is not updated.

  • Dec 28, 2016 at 09:01 PM

    Dear Sebastian!

    Do you understand that I have no idea about formulas you have in your input template?

    "This local member makes reference to a hidden cell that has formula EPMContextMember" - meaningless!

    "Some cases the hidden formula doesn't get refreshed" - what are you talking about???

    Unable to help you without clear case...

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    • Former Member Sebastian Montero


      Whats the local member formula???? Only EPMContextMember formula??

      Also in Distribution functionality one has to include all the dimensions in the Fixed or Variable members part. I dont understand when and how the EPMContext function is used in your file. In case of Distribution you have to pass the selections of user through variable members then those are passed to the sheet upon downloading! It processes only the definition given in the distribution!

      And for saving the data, before you save the data are your refreshing the sheet? If no....then it will show No data to save.