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May 08, 2012 at 08:10 AM

PO amendment print out for all amendment


Dear experts,

I am working on one development of Report of all PO amendments with changed Quantity,Value,Tax codes & Tax value, Pricing coditionis. Also print out for that amendment only.

i will briefly explain you what is the client requirement bellow :

Existing workflow at client -

1) After creation & release of PO / WO it wont be amend. To amend the PO it supposed to be unreleased first.

2) So after every unreleased user make some changes in either Quanty, Rate, Tax code, Freight, octroi (i.e. Pricing conditions)

3) Then that PO again release

4) This can be repeat several times. That means suppose 3 times user amend the PO

Requirement -

1) Clint want a report that How many amendments against perticular PO / WO.

2) What is the changed quantiy, changed value, changed Tax code, changed Tax value, changed freight,octroi (Coditions)

3) Print out for each amendment seperatly with only changes in above mentioned areas.

Solution I have been reached -

1) I can get the changed quantity, value & only Tax code ( not value) from TABLE CDPOS with passing the OBJECTID.

2) Based on the data i am getting in TABLE CDPOS i can give the logic to abaper ton bring the changed quantiy, value, Tax code in report for perticular amendment.

Problem -

1) I can get only updated tax code with value & pricing value.

2) How to find the change Tax code value in several amendments?

3) How to find changed pricing condition ( i.e freight, octroi, discount.....) in sevral amendments.

Also if you have any another solution then please share.