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May 07, 2012 at 05:05 PM

Departure country change in sales order



The tax code is captured from condition records. The condition records are normally maintained on the basis of departure and destination country.

Now in our project, we have a special logic to calculate the departure country in which a Z table is maintained with sales org and the departure country

Iam not going to explain the logic but based on sales org of the sales order, the departure country is selected from Z table and updated in KOMK-ALAND structure through program MV45AFZZ in exit, " pricing -prepare-TKOMK ". This is perfectly working fine and system calculates MWST at item level. My questions is as follows:

1) The pricing is done at item level. So how come the logic is put at a Header level form exit, "PRICING prepare TKOMK " in program MV45AFZZ ? I could not understand that. Does this mean that the system is changing the departure country at header level and then that country is being auto copied to item level KOMP structure to calculate taxes at item level ?

2) We have a requirement to calculate the departure country based on plant. The plant is available in item structure TKOMP. But can we access plant from KOMP-WERKS by putting the same in KOMK form exit ( Pricing-prepare-TKOMK in MV45AFZZ) ?